Hey Everyone!

Hello, all! I know I haven’t posted for a long time, but I’m still here! I’m not really sure about some stuff right now, including my dolls, but I wanted to let y’all know that I’m still here. I am giving a lot of my doll stuff to one of my friends, but I still have some of it and am waiting and praying to see what I should do with it. I am probably not keeping Felicity and Raven, but for now I have Mandy, Bethany and Chrissa. As for the blog, I’m not too sure about it either. For now, I’ll leave you with a quick picture of Bethany and the Christmas tree.

God bless, my friends!


Hey everyone!! Just stopping in to reblog this awesome post!!! 😀 Have a great day and God bless!! 💖😄


Sometimes, I really don’t know what to write.  My life is blank, my mind is blank, and I feel like I really need a cup of coffee.  There’s this little antsy itch that wants to go check social media, and waste time, because my brain is fried.

Sometimes, I feel very ill.  It’s more than I can do to just smile at the people passing by, but I must keep going.  I will my body to keep moving, and tell myself that it’ll get better.  Tomorrow, I’ll be better.  But tomorrow, I’m not better.

Sometimes, I’m just depressed.  I feel like the world is a grey blank in space.  And time someday will be no more, and I’ll be cold in my grave.  What good will I have done, then?   I’m just not enough.  My writing is just not enough, my body is just not enough…

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Happy Friendship Day!!!!

Hola, mi amigas! I’m just dropping in to say two things:

1. I haven’t forgotten y’all!!! I will be (hopefully) back in full action soon; I’m trying to think of post ideas! If you have any suggestions, drop me a comment!!

2. IT’S FRIENDSHIP DAY!!! How cool is that!? I just want to thank y’all for being my blogging friends and encouraging me along this blogging journey!! You’re awesome!! I thank God for y’all! 💖😄

Happy friendship day, everyone!!!!!! AND SUMMER IS GOING AWAY WAAAA THAT MEANS SCHOOL IS STARTING!!! 😮😮😮 Are you guys nervous? Sad? Happy? XD Tell me in the comments!!!

What’s On Your Heart?

Hey everyone!! Go read this post, it’s really awesome! If you have anything you want me to pray for, drop me a comment and I will add you to my prayers. 💖 Hugs to y’all!

Rejoicing In Hope

Happy Tuesday my friends!

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent from the blogging world! Life has been happening as it often does, but I plan on catching up on some of the lovely posts I’ve missed!

But for today, I wanted to open up the comment thread for you guys.

We often have things that weigh on our hearts, don’t we? And none of us are meant to bear our burdens alone!

So what’s on your heart today?

Please let me know in the comments how I can pray for you! I promise to pray for every prayer request you leave.

And if any of you will join me in prayer, I encourage you reply to those comments you commit to pray for!

Let’s bear one another’s burdens my friends!

Have an amazing week!

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram & my Facebook page!

It only takes a…

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Hello, my friends!! (Why did I just think of Victor from Thomas and Friends xD)




Hello, people! It is I, your favorite doll EEEVER, BETHANY!!! Yes, I heard you, Mami, but I’m not gonna give your iPad back.


So I was sleeping peacefully in my Mami’s backpack, when Mami, her brother, and this strange girl disturbed me. Hope grabbed me, trying to brush my hair with her fingers because she thought she had forgotten my hairbrush. They went inside, and the girl, who I learned was Lizzy held me up while Mami took a picture. Then they put me on the table and proceeded to talk about blogging, cartoon characters, and other random stuff. Then it was time for us to leave. It was kinda sad, they only got a bit of time to hang out. But it was pretty cool!

Ahem. It’s Hope again. Yes, I guess Bethany said all that was to be said. *facepalm* Remind me to discipline her for taking my iPad. 😑

ANYWAY, IT WAS SO AWESOME TO GET TO MEET LIZZY!!! I enjoyed every minute of it, and hope to be able to meet her again sometime!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to stop by and wish all of the dads out there a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!! Keep being amazing.

We couldn’t do it without you. You’re the leader in the home. You make us laugh, play with us, and freak out as we grow up. You have an important job to do.

And all of my followers, go wish your dad a very happy Father’s Day!!! If you don’t have a dad, then just send up a prayer, thanking God for being a Heavenly Father to all of us. He’s always there, and you do have a Dad in Him. He loves you more than you can ever imagine.

I love you, Daddy!!! I love you, Father God!!!!

Have an awesome day, everyone!!

Adventures With Bethany- Quite A Spectacle! ~A Photostory~

Hey everyone!! It’s Bethany!! I’m here to tell you about the crazy day I had yesterday!!

I was sleeping peacefully until I woke up. I turned on my iPad and clicked on the Bible app, and then enlarged the lettering to read. I prayed, then slipped out of bed.

Just then, I saw a list on the floor with my name on it. I picked it up and read it, squinting. Mami’s handwriting is so hard to read and scribbly…

Whaaaa?! This list is crazy! BUT I LOVE IT!! I hurried off to do the first thing on the list: IRON MANDY’S BALL!!!

WOOHOO!!! This is SO FUN!!!!

I think Mandy’s ball is pretty ironed, I thought. Now onto the next thing!!! Tearing up clothes!!

WOW!! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!! I tore up a bunch of clothes, hehe… Anyway, next up we’re gonna cook Chrissa’s iPad!! THIS IS SO FUN!!!

I couldn’t find a pot, so I just put in on the burner. Soon it started to melt and then started smoking so I turned it off.

The next thing I had to do was eat LEGO Friends accessories!

I tried to eat them but they tasted like plastic!!! Yuck!!

The very last thing I had to do was torture Ginger!! Yay!!! I was about to grab Ginger when suddenly I heard someone clear their throat.

“Oh, hi Mami!!” I grinned. She didn’t. “What have you been doing, Bethany?!?” I looked behind her and saw my sisters, looking upset. Chrissa was gingerly holding the remains of her iPad, Mandy was holding her melted ball, Felicity was holding all of the LEGO Friends accessories, and Raven was holding the torn clothes.

“But… but I did what you wrote on the list!” I said. She picked it up. “Bethany, it says ‘Find Mandy’s ball’ not ‘iron Mandy’s ball’, ‘pick up clothes’ not ‘tear up clothes’, ‘lock Chrissa’s iPad’ not ‘cook Chrissa’s iPad’ and ‘sort LEGO Friends accessories’ not ‘eat LEGO Friends accessories’!” She said. “Oh…” I looked worriedly at the paper. “Here, try and read this.” Mami handed me a book. “Umm…” I squinted, trying to read the blurry print. “Car nine laws the soup eating nor tea zoo.” “That’s it. I’m taking you to the eye doctor.”

Soon I was sitting in the waiting room. I was freaking out until Chrissa offered me her headphones, and I kicked back and relaxed.

The doctor came and led me to a room where she shone a light in my eye and asked me to read off a bunch of letters. Finally she said, “Bethany, it’s time to choose your glasses!”

“GLASSES!?!?!” I was shocked. I was gonna have to have glasses!?

Doctor Lily showed me all of the glasses that I had to choose from, and right in the middle of them was a beautiful pair of pink ones. I tried them on and looked at myself in the mirror, and I decided I loved them!!

And that’s how I got glasses yesterday!! Do you guys like them?? (Oh, and I also spent the rest of the day emptying my savings to buy a new iPad for Chrissa, a new ball for Mandy, and new clothes for us all.

Bye everyone!! Talk to you later!!


Hey, everyone!!!!! It’s me, back again! Some of you guys may have been wondering why I haven’t been commenting on y’all’s posts like a good blogger… the answer is: BAD WORDPRESS. I’ve had problems posting sometimes, but a little less than a week ago, the app shut down completely and won’t come up! So how am I posting this!!? (And how did I post on Welcome To Odyssey?!) Well, *sighs dramatically* I HAD TO USE THE FAMILY COMPUTER! Which is how I’ve been replying to comments and stuff for the past few days. And I am still using the computer. It isn’t all that bad, just not what I’m used to. AND ALSO NO EMOJIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs* So I really hope whatever is wrong gets fixed soon. (To all the other bloggers who use the app: Is it working for you?? It might just be my iPad…)

Anywayyy, onto the EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have finally decided (after much going back and forth between all of the AMAZING names you guys suggested) what I’m going to rename my blog!!! *PRETEND THERE’S A TON OF CONFETTI EMOJI’S HERE OK XDD*











































Thank you guys SO MUCH for the suggestions, like I said, I got SO MANY AMAZING ONES I WANTED TO CHOOSE THEM ALL (but then that would be a VERY LONG BLOG NAME XDDDDDD)

And a special thanks to all who suggested A Spark Of Hope, and Natalie for helping me make the final decision!!!

I will be in the revamping process soon, so if you click on my site and a bunch of things look crazy, then that’s why! XD Once the revamping is officially done, I’ll do an introduction post and tell y’all what to expect!! (Plus, I’ll finally have a POSTING SCHEDULE!!! Woohoo!!!)



Me: I know, Bethany. But good news!! I’m planning on the new header to still have AG Doll Dreams on it, above the new title! Something like “Formerly AG Doll Dreams, now A Spark Of Hope!”






Happy Mother’s Day!!

Hey, everyone!! I can’t post something long today, but I just wanted to drop by with a little reminder!

Moms are a gift from God. They help us grow, not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally too. They aren’t afraid to tell us the truth, and to discipline us, even if we don’t understand it at the time. They love us constantly, no matter what we do.

Thank you, God, for my mom, and all of the moms out there.

Love you Mommy, I know you’re reading this now. 💕💕💕

And to all of my followers, go wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day, and give her a huge hug.

If you don’t have a mom this Mother’s Day, then I encourage you to think about the girls in your life, the spiritual mentors, the godly women that encourage you. Maybe you could tell them how much they mean to you this day.

Have an amazing Mother’s Day, everyone!!!

Lissie’s Birthday Surprise

Hey, everyone!!! So… long story short, Felicity’s birthday was April 21, and I was super busy that day and didn’t get around to posting about until now, which turned out to be GREAT because I found the PERFECT present for her at a thrift shop on Friday! Anyway, so here is the story from Lissie’s POV!

Early one morning, I was sleeping peacefully, when suddenly I thought I heard a whinny- and it sounded familiar!

I shot straight up in bed, listening intently, but I didn’t hear any more. I must have been dreaming, or maybe it was just Gala. I thought. Oh well, I’m up now. Might as well stay up. Then it hit me: today was my birthday! I was 14!

After my personal devotion time, I went to get dressed. Hmm, what should I wear?” I wondered to myself. It had to be something special!

I finally decided that I’d borrow Chrissa’s paint splatter shirt and Bethany’s dotted leggings. I then went to the family room for worship.

To my surprise, Chrissa was blocking the door, waving frantically. “You can’t come in here yet! It’s not ready!” “Ok…” Well, I guess they’re all setting up a party. What do I do now?

I slid up against a wall, thinking over birthdays past…

I remembered how Nan had always been the first one up, the first one to wish me happy birthday…

How they would all hug me: Nan, William and little Polly…

I remembered my first birthday in the orphanage, how I had cried….

My first birthday with Bethany, the crazy sister that I never knew I had…

The first birthday I had looked at my new home with joy and gratitude, and Hope had thrown me a party…

Bethany’s voice jerked me out of my reverie: AGH! STOP DRAGGING ME, I’M SUPPOSED TO BE LEADING YOU! AHHH! She’s probably torturing poor Ginger again… I thought. Just then, Raven showed up, smiling. “We’re ready.” She said, and beckoned for me to follow her.

She led me into the family room. “SURPRISE!” Chrissa yelled. I laughed a little at the sight before my eyes. They had set up a little table with cake on it, and Chrissa was standing on a chair with a party hat on. Raven reached over and tied one on me. “Thanks, guys!” I said. “Wait, where are Bethany and Mandy?” “Oh, they’re coming!” Chrissa answered with a twinkle in her eye.

Just then, Mandy and Bethany clomped triumphantly into the room-but they weren’t alone! I could scarcely believe my eyes! It was-

PATRIOT! I rushed to the horse, tears streaming down my face. Was it really, truly him? Patriot whinnied excitedly, and I had no more doubts. This was, indeed, Penny’s foal! The prodigal colt had returned! If only Penny were here to see her runaway son come home…

I buried my face in Patriot’s mane, still in shock. Then Mandy spoke up. “I think she likes it!” and we all started to laugh.

I had only one question. “How ever did you find him?

“Well,” began Chrissa, “my-uh- you see, I know someone who saw a horse in a field that belonged to, uh, a friend of his, and uh, they let him have it, and he gave it to me.” “Yeah! We all pitched in to get things ready and take him to the vet and stuff!” Mandy added. “One thing, though…” Raven piped up. “What’s the story behind Patriot’s disappearance?”

“Patriot ran away from home-well, he jumped the fence, actually. Penny, who was his mom, and I were heartbroken, and we hadn’t seen him since. Now, he’s here! I can’t thank y’all enough. You have no idea how much this means to me. I have the best sisters ever!” I said, grabbing them in a group hug.

Suddenly, Chrissa gasped. “AHHH! WHO ATE THE CAKE!?!?”

THE END!!! So, did y’all like this story? I’m sorry I haven’t been posting a lot, I’ve been really busy and stuff


ANYWAY. Do you know who ate the cake? XD Happy about Patriot? Want to wish Felicity a belated birthday? Tell us in the comments, and have an amazing day!!!