Nothing To Hide- Season One Part Three

In Chrissa’s POV

I lead the little girl down the hall and into Hope’s room. “The dollhouse is just around the corner.” I said. I wondered what Bethany would say….

As we rounded the bend, I gasped in shock. My room had been cleaned and organized! Bethany and Leilani stood there in front of it. “Bethany!” I whispered. “Did you do this????”

“Yes.” She bit her lip. “I-I’m really sorry for going through your stuff. I know it was wrong, and so I did this to make up for it. I hope you like it.” “And I helped!” Lealani piped up.

“Will you forgive me?” Bethany asked. “Of course!” I smiled and gave her a hug.

“Ahem.” I heard Mandy clear her throat behind me. “Oh! Bethany, this is Mandy. She’s our new sister!”

“ANOTHER NEW SISTER!?!? YAY!!!! HOW OLD ARE YOU!?!? WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR!?!?!? DO YOU LIKE CATS!?!?” She started firing questions at her. Thankfully, Mandy seemed used to girls like Bethany, because she grinned and answered, “I’m 10, my favorite color is green, and yes, I like cats!” I shook my head as Bethany did a victory dance. “YESSS I’M NOT THE YOUNGEST ANYMORE!!!!!”

I took Mandy over to Leilani, and they talked about going on adventures and stuff.

Then, I took her over to Felicity and Raven, who welcomed her nicely. Just then, I heard a voice: “Now, who is this?” It was Hope!


YAY CLIFFHANGERS but you obviously know I’m not going to turn down the poor doll XD

Anyway, so I hope you liked it! Never fear, however, even though Bethany and Chrissa have made up, THERE ARE MORE MYSTERIOUS THINGS TO BE ACCOUNTED FOR!

That’s all for now!!!


  1. Lizzy · January 14, 2018


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  2. Kaylyn Grace · January 14, 2018

    AHHH I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT PART!!!!!!! You are really good at this!

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  3. AGs in Alaska · January 14, 2018


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  4. Arabella · January 14, 2018

    I can’t wait for the next part!! I saw something in the back of the last pic besides the horse… πŸ˜‰

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    • Thanks!!! Oh, you mean the bookcase… eheeheh… that was the result of making Mandy’s room… hehe..

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      • Arabella · January 14, 2018

        no, on the other side. In the way back I think? It could be my imagination

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      • Arabella · January 14, 2018


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      • Arabella · January 14, 2018

        are you doing school tomorrow since it’s MLK day? I don’t, so I invited my friend over and she’s bringing her new doll (josefina).

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      • Arabella · January 14, 2018

        I also have to get a tooth pulled :(. And pack for my trip. But I am also planning on making a post for our collab blog!

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      • Yikes!!!! Ok, awesome! Did you look in the drafts? Kaylyn was being crazy again XDD

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      • Arabella · January 14, 2018

        I’ll check now but I’m pretty sure what I’ll see. XD

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      • XDDDDDDD

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  5. Bella · January 14, 2018

    Can’t wait for the next part!

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  7. Natalie Therese · January 15, 2018

    HOPE! DID YOU GET-well, I’m not going say it, because I don’t want to spoil it for everyone else. I LIKE CATS TOO!!!

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  8. AAG · January 17, 2018

    Did I ever send you Chrissa’s signoff? Also, I’ll be making Mandy’s sign soon! What does she like??

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