Paisley Awards Top 5 Nominees~VOTING OPEN

GO VOTE PEOPLE! Even though i’m Not on it, some of my awesome friends are!!!!


Why hello there everybody!  Welcome to the Top 5 Nominees and Voting of the Paisley Awards 2017!


Alright, we want to get into it, but before we do we just want to have a little CELEBRATION!  We made it into the first page on Google when you search the term “American Girl Doll Blog”  YAY!  It’s awesome because that way, more people can come and be involved in this doll blog!  Coolness!

Oh, and a HUGE thanks to everyone who nominated people!


You guys are ready to move on to the most exciting part of the Paisley awards… VOTING!

However, before you get to voting, there are a few rules of conduct so we can make this thing fair.

  • You can’t vote for yourself
  • You can’t vote on only one, meaning if you vote, you have to vote on all six categories
  • We will not show the results to…

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  1. Bella · January 17, 2018

    I already voted!

    Liked by 1 person

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