Kanania’s Prompts + Life Update

Heya! Hope here. I’m in a writing club called Kanania’s Prompts, and here is the story I wrote called:

What Is Love?

(Photo credit to google because we all know that)

(Jk it’s actually Pinterest but it’s on google too)

“My name is Sasha Everleigha. I work at Serenity Gardens Children’s Home.”

It was a normal day. I was driving myself to work in the pouring rain. I pulled into a parking space at the orphanage.

“Hello, Ms. Sasha!” The children chorus. They are all lined up for breakfast. Oh, great! I’m late. Mother Berta will kill me! I thought miserably. Sure enough, the cranky old lady was right at my heels.

“Everleigha! You’re late again! This will be coming off your paycheck!” She growled.

“Yes, ma’m.” I responded meekly. I knew better than to fight her. She was the boss of this place. I hurried to my place at the counter and started dishing bowls of porridge for the children.

When everyone had gotten their share, I retreated to a place at the end of the table to eat. I was absorbed in my own thoughts when a small voice asked, “Miss Sasha? Can I eat here?” I looked down and saw little Angelina staring up at me. “Why, of course!” I was a little surprised that she knew it was me, but scooted over to make room for her. We ate in silence for a little while, then the little girl looked up.

(Yay google images gets all the credit)

“Miss Sasha?”

“Yes, Angelina?”

“What does love look like?” She asked.

I was taken aback, and quite confused by the question. You see, Angelina had been blind since birth, that was the reason she had been abandoned by her parents. But to ask such a question, “What does love look like?” was very puzzling indeed.

While I searched my mind for the answer, she spoke again.

“Miss Sasha, is Love something you can see?”

Finally, I came up with the answer.

“Angelina, darling…” I began. “Love is something we can show. You can feel it in a hug,” And with that I leaned over and gave the girl a squeeze. She giggled. “You can hear it when someone does this,” I continued, and then bent over and whispered, “I love you,” in her ear.

She grinned. “Or you can taste love through yummy chocolate bars!” Angelina added, and I knew she was thinking about the time a passerby had handed her one, and all the kids had marveled.

“Yes,” I smiled. “Definitely chocolate bars. But most importantly, Love is a Person.” Angelina looked confused.

“A person? Who? You?”

“No,” I laughed. “Not me. Jesus, God’s Son.”

Then Angelina knew. ” God. He is Love, isn’t he! He loves me!” I grinned even bigger.

“Yes, Angel Girl. God and Jesus both love you!”

Just then, the breakfast bell rang, and it was time to clean up. I gave the girl one last hug, and rushed away to clean up before Mother Berta took my whole paycheck away. As I left, I could hear Angelina humming, “Jesus Loves Me”.

The End!


Now for a life update:

I haven’t blogged in forever because:

I have bronchitis, a sinus infection, AND AN EAR INFECTION YALL. 😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😫😫😫☹️

So, I won’t be posting much until I get better. 😔 But I still have fun things planned! (Look out for a few special things on Valentines Day!)

Thats all for now!!!

Aka Hope 💖


  1. Natalie Therese · January 28, 2018

    Aww, I’m sorry you’ve been sick! This was so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bekah · January 28, 2018

    Great story! Oh no! Girl I feel ya, I have had a sinus infection for the past week. 😟 Feel better soon!! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AGs in Alaska · January 28, 2018


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kaylyn Grace · January 28, 2018

    I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. AAG · January 31, 2018

    Simone: EXPLOSION! 💥💥💥💥💥💥
    Maryellen: Oh no.


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