Meet The Dolls

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Hi! I’m Bethany! 🙂

Name: Bethany Mae Merriman

Age: 13

Birthday: March 18th, 2005

Type Of Doll: My American Girl #21

Favorite Color: PINK!!!!

Favorite Animal: Cats!

Favorite Food: Ummm do pink cupcakes count? XD

Hobbies: Photography, design, torturing my cat Ginger  being crazy XD

Personality: Sweet, silly, crazy, fashionista

Likes: Spending time with my family, reading the Bible, praying (my sisters call                   me the Prayer Warrior of the family) and walking my cat, Ginger.

Dislikes: Dirt, spiders, people who aren’t nice, people who think polka dots and stripes go together         (except for my AG store days BFF Addison, who once wore a blue and white polka dot dress with green and purple leggings :P)

Favorite Song: Crazy Faith by John Waller

Favorite Bible Text: Philippians 4:13: “I can do ALL things through Christ who                        strengthens me.”

Fun Fact: I have Type One Diabetes (T1D) and sometimes I sneak food without counting my carbs, so my friends and family are always keeping a close eye on me.


Hello, my name is Felicity, but my friends call me Lissie.

Name: Felicity Ara Merriman

Age: 14

Birthday: April 21st, 2004

Type Of Doll: Earliest model of Pleasant Company Felicity Merriman

Favorite Colors: Forest Green, Blue, and Yellow.

Favorite Animal: Horses!!!!

Favorite Food: Biscuits. (I still can’t get used to calling them cookies :D)

Hobbies: Horseback Riding, reading, exploring the outdoors, dancing elegantly (sometimes) cooking

Personality: Kind, motherly, adventurous, spunky, brave

Likes: Writing letters to my best friend Elizabeth, ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH HORSES, reading God’s Word, praying silently (I don’t pray well in front of others, but I still LOVE the LORD.) being with my family, cooking

Dislikes: When Bethany scream-sings, people who think horses are ugly, when Annabelle replies snippily to my letters to Elizabeth, dressing up and anything that has to do with fashion.

Favorite Song: Um, let me get back to you on that one…

Favorite Bible Verse: Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Fun Fact: My horse, Penny, was stolen a long time ago, and someday I know the LORD will bring her back to me.



Name: Ginger

A Word from Me:

I am the family cat, but Bethany thinks that I’m hers. Even though Bethany tortures me most of the time and Felicity likes horses better than cats, I am very loving and fun.

Hi, I’m Raven!

Name: Raven Skyler Paw

Age: 15

Birthday: June 15

Type Of Doll: Magic Attic Club Rose

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Favorite Food: Raspberry Pie

Hobbies: Exploring nature, writing poetry, singing

Personality: Shy, sweet, loves animals

Likes: Animals and nature

Dislikes: being in front of a crowd, Bethany scream-singing

Favorite song: All Things Bright And Beautiful

Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 12:5 “Sing to the Lord, For He has done excellent things; This is known in all the earth.”

Fun Fact: My best friend is Kaya, and I have a little sister named Fawn.

Hi! My name’s Chrissa!

Name: Chrissa Rachel Marie Maxwell

Age: 13

Birthday: November 22

Type Of Doll: American Girl Of The Year 2009

Favorite Color: PURPLE!

Favorite Animal: Butterfly

Favorite Food: Pinapple

Hobbies: Arts and crafts, drawing, sewing, writing fanfiction

Personality: Creative, cool, clever and caring

Likes: Friendship, crafts, listening and writing about Adventures In Odyssey

Dislikes: bullying , Bethany scream-singing

Favorite song: Behold and Right Where I Belong

Favorite Bible Verse: Ezekiel 36:26. Go look it up!😀

Fun Fact: I have a brother named Tyler and two BFFs named Sonali and Gwen.

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Name: Lealani Atarah Clark

Age: 8

Birthday: April 13th

Type Of Doll: American Girl Of The Year 2016 Lea Clark Mini Doll

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Animal: Tiger

Favorite Food: Mango

Hobbies: Exploring nature, going on adventures

Personality: Silly, adventurous, mischievous, loves animals

Likes: Animals and nature, adventure

Dislikes: sitting still, Sleeping Favorite song: Savior, He can move the mountains Favorite Bible Verse: Genesis 1:1 “In The Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and it was good!”

Fun Fact: I belong to Bethany, she’s my mom.


Name: Gala Applesauce

Hi! I’m Gala Applesauce, but you can call me Gala. Only my owner, Felicity, can call me Applesauce or Gala Applesauce. I’m a mustang foal who is pretty well-behaved, but I can be spunky too. 😄😄😄 MEOWWWWW

HI EVERYONE! I’m Marshmallow! I’m Bethany’s second cat, and I’m a kitten. I’ve got a lot to learn, according to Ginger, but I try to behave. I do have a weakness when it comes to sugar, just like my mommy Bethany.