Lissie’s Birthday Surprise

Hey, everyone!!! So… long story short, Felicity’s birthday was April 21, and I was super busy that day and didn’t get around to posting about until now, which turned out to be GREAT because I found the PERFECT present for her at a thrift shop on Friday! Anyway, so here is the story from Lissie’s POV!

Early one morning, I was sleeping peacefully, when suddenly I thought I heard a whinny- and it sounded familiar!

I shot straight up in bed, listening intently, but I didn’t hear any more. I must have been dreaming, or maybe it was just Gala. I thought. Oh well, I’m up now. Might as well stay up. Then it hit me: today was my birthday! I was 14!

After my personal devotion time, I went to get dressed. Hmm, what should I wear?” I wondered to myself. It had to be something special!

I finally decided that I’d borrow Chrissa’s paint splatter shirt and Bethany’s dotted leggings. I then went to the family room for worship.

To my surprise, Chrissa was blocking the door, waving frantically. “You can’t come in here yet! It’s not ready!” “Ok…” Well, I guess they’re all setting up a party. What do I do now?

I slid up against a wall, thinking over birthdays past…

I remembered how Nan had always been the first one up, the first one to wish me happy birthday…

How they would all hug me: Nan, William and little Polly…

I remembered my first birthday in the orphanage, how I had cried….

My first birthday with Bethany, the crazy sister that I never knew I had…

The first birthday I had looked at my new home with joy and gratitude, and Hope had thrown me a party…

Bethany’s voice jerked me out of my reverie: AGH! STOP DRAGGING ME, I’M SUPPOSED TO BE LEADING YOU! AHHH! She’s probably torturing poor Ginger again… I thought. Just then, Raven showed up, smiling. “We’re ready.” She said, and beckoned for me to follow her.

She led me into the family room. “SURPRISE!” Chrissa yelled. I laughed a little at the sight before my eyes. They had set up a little table with cake on it, and Chrissa was standing on a chair with a party hat on. Raven reached over and tied one on me. “Thanks, guys!” I said. “Wait, where are Bethany and Mandy?” “Oh, they’re coming!” Chrissa answered with a twinkle in her eye.

Just then, Mandy and Bethany clomped triumphantly into the room-but they weren’t alone! I could scarcely believe my eyes! It was-

PATRIOT! I rushed to the horse, tears streaming down my face. Was it really, truly him? Patriot whinnied excitedly, and I had no more doubts. This was, indeed, Penny’s foal! The prodigal colt had returned! If only Penny were here to see her runaway son come home…

I buried my face in Patriot’s mane, still in shock. Then Mandy spoke up. “I think she likes it!” and we all started to laugh.

I had only one question. “How ever did you find him?

“Well,” began Chrissa, “my-uh- you see, I know someone who saw a horse in a field that belonged to, uh, a friend of his, and uh, they let him have it, and he gave it to me.” “Yeah! We all pitched in to get things ready and take him to the vet and stuff!” Mandy added. “One thing, though…” Raven piped up. “What’s the story behind Patriot’s disappearance?”

“Patriot ran away from home-well, he jumped the fence, actually. Penny, who was his mom, and I were heartbroken, and we hadn’t seen him since. Now, he’s here! I can’t thank y’all enough. You have no idea how much this means to me. I have the best sisters ever!” I said, grabbing them in a group hug.

Suddenly, Chrissa gasped. “AHHH! WHO ATE THE CAKE!?!?”

THE END!!! So, did y’all like this story? I’m sorry I haven’t been posting a lot, I’ve been really busy and stuff


ANYWAY. Do you know who ate the cake? XD Happy about Patriot? Want to wish Felicity a belated birthday? Tell us in the comments, and have an amazing day!!!

Nothing To Hide- Season One Part Four

FINALLY I HAVE QUIT PROCRASTINATING Y’ALL! Here it is, the long-awaited next part of my photoseries!!! *confetti* Also, you might notice that I HAVE A NEW DOLLHOUSE SETUP due to an urgent room-rearrangement. XD So HERE IT IS,

Mandy’s POV

Dear Sarah,

I am really happy with my new home. The mom of the house did decide to keep me! I was worried that she would be mad, but she welcomed me and even gave me a bunch of Bethany’s old toys! Bethany wasn’t too happy about that. Anyway, so I share a bed with her now, she’s really funny and crazy. Felicity sleeps on the floor on a pullout bed, and Chrissa and Raven sleep in the loft. Anyway, how are you? How is James? Don’t argue too much, will you? Have you seen Norman lately? Is he getting into any trouble at the orphanage? I miss you all.


Mandy Brinlie Flood ❤️

I pick up the postcard off of the floor, and quietly tuck it under my bed. I will mail it later when everyone else is up. I quickly slide back into bed and start to close my eyes when I see something

Chrissa isn’t in her bed! It’s 5:00 in the morning! Where could she be? I wondered. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to investigate.

I pulled on my jacket, just in case Chrissa went outside.

As I rounded the corner, I stopped short at the sight of a figure sitting in the hallway.

It was Chrissa! I stood still, wondering what I should do, when I heard her talking.

“Ricky- Ok, ok! I know you don’t trust them, but I do! Yes, I do remember Chicago! Why do you keep saying that?” Chrissa’s voice grew louder and louder until she was shouting. “NO! I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING! What? NO! RIC-” She dropped the phone in defeat.

She closed her eyes and sighed. I thought I saw a tear trickle down her face, but I couldn’t tell because she opened her eyes- and saw me. When I tried to turn and run, I discovered that her shouting had aroused all the other dolls- and I crashed straight into Felicity.

“Oooph!” I groaned as we both came toppling down. I turned my head to steal a glance at Chrissa.

She stood to her feet, her eyes wide. “How-how much did you hear?” Her voice trembled with- what was it? Fear? What could Chrissa have to be afraid of?



You Can Only Be You- A Message To All Girls Everywhere

Hola, amigas! 🙂 I’m still battling sickness, but today God told me to write a post, and ya don’t argue with Him!

So lately, some of my friends have gotten a disease. No, not the bugs that have been going around, and not the horrible, no good, very bad bronchitis that I have.

I’m talking about the Cool Disease.

The what? You’re probably thinking. Let me explain.

The symptoms of this disease are:

  • Wanting to be popular
  • Hanging around the popular people at school, church, or other places, even if they ignore you
  • Trying to dress like the “cool” in-crowd, talk like them, and do everything just like they do
  • Working overtime to impress them

And other things that I haven’t mentioned for the sake of not boring you to death with a long post.

So, you probably know what I mean now. The “Cool Disease” is simply trying to fit in with a certain group of people.

Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be friends with people! I, being a major extrovert, love having friends and hanging out with people! But the problems start when you try to be like them to be noticed by them.<
rue friends love you for who you are. They respect you for what God made you to be. <
hey don't try to change you into someone else.

My friends do things that I don't do, such as watch Disney or superhero movies, but they respect the fact that I don’t. They don’t try to make me do things that I’m convinced are not what God wants me to do. And I, in turn, can influence them for the better by not doing those things, but I don’t press my beliefs on them, either.

That makes a healthy friendship. <<<<<<
he problem is that most cliques, or in-crowds, are made of people who aren't true friends. How can you tell?

Here are the signs:

  • They treat people that aren’t in their “group” badly
  • They act like they are better than everyone else
  • They criticize people who don’t dress the same, talk the same, or come from the same background as they do

These are the main types of fickle in-crowds. But there are also the harder-to-pick-out ones.

Those are the more popular and more deceiving ones.

  • They pretend to be your friend, but when their closer friends, the other members of the group, come around, you’re invisible
  • Some days they give you stuff, invite you to sit with them, and team up with you, other days they ignore you
  • They act nice when you’re around, but criticize you behind your back

And some girls want to fit it with those kind of people? The kind of people who want to change you?

That is so sad.

Here’s an important message to all of those poor girls:

You don’t need to fit in. You need to stand out. You need to be who He made you to be, not who those girls want you to be.<
s the popular song goes,

You can only be you,

There’s no one else you can be.

You can only be you.

You don’t have to be

Faster, bigger, stronger.

You don’t have to have

More than six small wheels.

Okay, I realize that is not a popular song, and it’s from Thomas and Friends, and humans don’t have wheels, but you get the picture. 😉

The moral of the story?

Be who God made you to be, and choose friends who will love you for who you are, and not try to change you.

Proverbs 13:20: He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.

1 Timothy 4:12: Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

Matthew 5:16: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.

1 Corinthians 10:31: Therefore whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Romans 12:2: Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

And there you have it, my friends! 🤗

I hope this post spoke to you, as it wasn’t me at all. It was God speaking through me. You are free to comment and share!

God bless!

Chrissa Rachel Marie, Snow Queen- A Photostory/ Photoshoot

Hello, everyone! It’s me, Chrissa Rachel Marie Maxwell!! Today, all my adopted sisters slept in, so I went outside to play! Hope came along to snap some pictures, and I have to say that I didn’t look the most neat and fashionable, but who cares! I was having fun as the SNOW QUEEN!

Hope’s note: My mom dressed Chrissa, she did a great job!!!!

So first, I walked out onto the snow. It was so deep that I could stand on it without touching the grass!

Boots, wonderful boots.

Me. Making a snow angel.


Preparing to throw a snowball at an unspecified victim.

Close your eyes and feel the silence…. I love how snow muffles noise. It makes me feel closer to God without all the distraction of noise.

More pictures. Idk what to say except I was staring at a bird.

Me making a snowball.

That’s all for now, y’all! *throws snowball at screen*

Hope’s note: *don’t worry no iPads or dolls were hurt in the making of this photoshoot* XD

Paisley Awards Top 5 Nominees~VOTING OPEN

GO VOTE PEOPLE! Even though i’m Not on it, some of my awesome friends are!!!!


Why hello there everybody!  Welcome to the Top 5 Nominees and Voting of the Paisley Awards 2017!


Alright, we want to get into it, but before we do we just want to have a little CELEBRATION!  We made it into the first page on Google when you search the term “American Girl Doll Blog”  YAY!  It’s awesome because that way, more people can come and be involved in this doll blog!  Coolness!

Oh, and a HUGE thanks to everyone who nominated people!


You guys are ready to move on to the most exciting part of the Paisley awards… VOTING!

However, before you get to voting, there are a few rules of conduct so we can make this thing fair.

  • You can’t vote for yourself
  • You can’t vote on only one, meaning if you vote, you have to vote on all six categories
  • We will not show the results to…

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Nothing To Hide- Season One Part Three

In Chrissa’s POV

I lead the little girl down the hall and into Hope’s room. “The dollhouse is just around the corner.” I said. I wondered what Bethany would say….

As we rounded the bend, I gasped in shock. My room had been cleaned and organized! Bethany and Leilani stood there in front of it. “Bethany!” I whispered. “Did you do this????”

“Yes.” She bit her lip. “I-I’m really sorry for going through your stuff. I know it was wrong, and so I did this to make up for it. I hope you like it.” “And I helped!” Lealani piped up.

“Will you forgive me?” Bethany asked. “Of course!” I smiled and gave her a hug.

“Ahem.” I heard Mandy clear her throat behind me. “Oh! Bethany, this is Mandy. She’s our new sister!”

“ANOTHER NEW SISTER!?!? YAY!!!! HOW OLD ARE YOU!?!? WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR!?!?!? DO YOU LIKE CATS!?!?” She started firing questions at her. Thankfully, Mandy seemed used to girls like Bethany, because she grinned and answered, “I’m 10, my favorite color is green, and yes, I like cats!” I shook my head as Bethany did a victory dance. “YESSS I’M NOT THE YOUNGEST ANYMORE!!!!!”

I took Mandy over to Leilani, and they talked about going on adventures and stuff.

Then, I took her over to Felicity and Raven, who welcomed her nicely. Just then, I heard a voice: “Now, who is this?” It was Hope!


YAY CLIFFHANGERS but you obviously know I’m not going to turn down the poor doll XD

Anyway, so I hope you liked it! Never fear, however, even though Bethany and Chrissa have made up, THERE ARE MORE MYSTERIOUS THINGS TO BE ACCOUNTED FOR!

That’s all for now!!!

A short story 🙂

Hey, y’all! I’ve already shown some of you this, but when I read this story to my awesome friend Gracie 💖, she suggested that I post it here! It might be confusing for some of you because it’s fanfiction, but I think you’ll get the main message. I wrote this story based on personal experience, as I was in a “reflecting mood” earlier on in the day that I wrote it. So, here it is!!! Reflecting

An AIO Fanfiction Short Story

By Hope

In Connie’s POV

I was in a reflective mood. No one was in the shop but Jason and I. He was cleaning the counter and I was staring out the window. Thinking. Remembering. Wondering. Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me that made me jump. “What’s up, Connie?” “Oh, Jason, you scared me! I guess I was daydreaming!” I grinned sheepishly. His blue eyes twinkled. “Yeah, you were in your own little world. What were you thinking about?” I took a deep breath.“I was just wondering, what if my mom and I hadn’t moved to Odyssey? I mean, what if my parents hadn’t divorced, and we had stayed in California? We wouldn’t have met everyone here, and we wouldn’t have had so many good memories, and-” “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, Connie. God doesn’t want us to dwell on the ‘what ifs’. He knows the future, and He always has a plan. He used your parents’ divorce and your move to Odyssey for good, even though you didn’t know it at the time. You have to trust Him, Connie. You have to live for the now, not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.” I looked up at Jason and smiled. “You know, that sounds like something your dad would say.” He grinned. “Well, I should hope so.” “Thanks, Jason.” “So, now that you’re done reminiscing, can you come help me clean the tables now?” He teased. “I knew you had an angle!” I playfully swiped at him. “Hey!” He pretended to be hurt, then as I stood up, he grabbed the cloth he had been cleaning with and yelled, “I’ll get you for that!” I laughed as he chased me around. Yep, I thought. Jason is right. I need to live for the now.

The End

I hope y’all liked it!!!

Nothing To Hide- Season 1 Part 2

In Chrissa’s POV

I sat outside. It was dark, dreary, and raining. After I had seen what Bethany was holding, I had ran out here. I wasn’t mad anymore, just a little worried. I could hear Hope talking to Bethany about how looking through people’s things is a sin.

Suddenly, I heard a noise.

I turned around and saw a girl trying to climb up onto the porch!

I rushed over to her. “Do you need help?” I asked.

She hopped up on the porch. “I’ve got it.” She smiled cheerfully. “I’m Mandy Brinlie Flood. Who are you?”

“I’m Chrissa Rachel Marie Maxwell.” I smiled back at the girl.

She sat down and emptied her bag.

I sat down as well. “I live here. What are you doing here?”

“I was looking for a place to wait out the rain, and to write a postcard to my best friend Sarah. I hope I’m not intruding.”

Hmmm… I thought. “Do you have a home?” I asked her.

“No.” She shook her head sadly. “Then you can come live with me and my adopted sisters!” I suggested. “Really!?!?” Mandy was surprised. “Yes! I’m sure Hope won’t mind.” I grinned happily and led the girl inside.

So, I have had mercy on you and ended without a cliffhanger! XD Stay tuned for part three, where the dolls will meet Mandy!

Aka Hope 🙂💖😄


That’s right, my friends! Your dear spend-a-holic Hope has bought another doll. She’s not an AG Doll, and I bought her at Michaels with the last of my Christmas money! As some of you may know, I’ve been wanting to get an African American Doll, preferably TM #58. But when I was shopping in Michaels, this girl caught my eye, and I decided she would do. So, here she is!!!





















You didn’t really think I’d make this easy, did you?


















A bit longer…














HERE SHE IS!!!! … just kidding! 😂😂😂😂 Silly Chrissa! This is Mandy Brinlie Flood!!!!! Welcome, Mandy!!!!!! She’s a Creatology Doll, and in my opinion they look younger than AG dolls, so that worked great, because Mandy is 10! Her hair is SUPER curly, and I’ll probably keep it up most of the time. If y’all have any tips for keeping curly haired dolls’ hair nice, I’d love to here them!!! Also, I’m keeping my doll family at 5 for now, unless I find an AG Doll at goodwill or something… in my dreams XD That’s all for now!

Aka Hope 😄💖😄