Nothing To Hide~Season One Part One~

Hello, all!!!! Here is the season premiere of my new photoseries, Nothing To Hide, or NTH. Basically, Chrissa is acting kinda strange, and the two “detectives”, Detective Merriman (Bethany) and Lealani (Lea), are gonna get to the bottom of it. It’s kinda like a follow-up for the mystery started in this post. I’m really sorry it took me so long, as I said before, WordPress wasn’t cooperating with me. 😑 So, let’s get on with it!!!

Lealani’s POV<<<<<<<<
's what it said!" I had just finished explaining the strange postcard to Bethany. "HMMMM…. INTERESTING!" She had a strange look on her face. "I think it's time for a little detective work! I'll be right back!"<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ff in a flash. I sat there waiting… and waiting… and waiting…. until finally she came back.

ve you-" My mouth dropped open. "What on earth are you wearing, Mommy!?!?!?" She looked at me sharply. "It's my detective outfit, young Lea. And please, while I'm on the job, call me Detective Merriman." I rolled my eyes. "Fine. So what are we supposed to do, Detective Merriman?" I asked.

We need to go spy on Suspect Number 1!" "Umm… who's that?" I was confused. "It's Chrissa!" She whispered, and started walking away. I sighed and followed her.

d slowly up to Chrissa and Raven's room. Chrissa was still unpacking all her stuff. Evidently she couldn't decide where to put what. "Hey, Chrissa!" I said cheerfully. "Leee-aaaa! You just blew our cover!" Bethany scolded. I shrugged. "Oh, well…" she muttered. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
looked up. "Oh, hi Bethany! Hi Lealani! Sorry for the mess! I was just tidying my room!" She smiled kindly. "Cool! Sooo, uhh…" Bethany started. Just then, Felicity yelled from upstairs. "Chrissa! Raven!!! Mami says we can go outside now!!" <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Lissie!" Chrissa shouted back. "Sorry, guys! I have to go!" And with that, she grabbed her headphones and left.

ur chance! We can look through her stuff now!" Bethany grinned. "Look through her stuff!?!? Why would we want to do that!?!?" I whined. I was starting to think that this wasn't such a good idea.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
vidence!" Bethany rolled her eyes and grabbed a bag, then plunked down on the bed. I reluctantly climbed up next to her. <<<<<<<<
ng.." <<<<<<<<
ship poster…" <<<<<<<<
hat is this strange thing?" Bethany wondered. "I don't know! Can we get out of here now? I feel like a trespasser!" I complained. "No, we need to-" Bethany started to say. But then, a harsh voice came from the doorway. <<<<<<<<
the world do you think you're doing!?!?" It was Chrissa.


Aka Hope 💖

The Girl in The Snow~Story for Kaylyn’s Klub

Hi, everyone! Today I will be showing y’all the story I wrote for this weeks’ challenge! Without further ado, I present…

The Girl In The Snow

Hello there! My name is Anastasia Rose Copeland. (haha no she is not related to Saige XD) I live in the city. It’s lovely this time of year. My mother got me this beautiful warm new sweater for the season, along with this fashionable winter dress and warm undergarments. That way I can explore outside without getting cold. Well, anyway, I’m 12 years old, but I can’t wait until next year, 1909, when I’ll be 13! Then maybe my parents will stop treating me like a child. Well, look over there! It’s my friends Grace and Hazel! “Hi, Grace! Hi, Hazel!” I shouted. “Hello, Ana!” They smiled. “Brrr, it’s cold out here, Ana! Your sweater looks awfully warm!” Grace shivered. “Yes,” said Hazel. “You’re fortunate to have that warm sweater!” “Oh, it’s not that much warmer than yours and you know it!” I grinned at the two. “So where are you girls headed?” I asked. “Well, we were just going over to Mercy Baker’s place for the party she’s having!” Hazel blurted. “Hazel!” Grace glared at her angrily. “Mercy said we weren’t supposed to tell her!” Hazel looked down at her toes. Grace glanced at me, then turned to Hazel and said, “C’mon, Hazel, we have to get to the party.” I stared after them as they hurried down the snow covered street. Why hadn’t Mercy invited me? I thought. I always invite her and all the other girls to my parties! I sighed heavily. “Well, I suppose I should just go home now.” I mused aloud. “No point in wandering around town sulking.” Suddenly, I heard a small voice behind me.

sorry that this picture wasn’t in the snow I couldn’t find one that was in the snow so just use your imagination XD

“Did you say something, miss?” I whirled around to see a small girl who was maybe 9 years old standing there. Behind her were two small children. “Uh, well, no, I uh, was just talking to myself…” I stammered. “Oh, that’s quite all right. I do that to, sometimes.” The girl smiled, and her smile pierced my heart as I realized that she was wearing a very thin dress, and that she was shivering visibly. I saw her glance at me awkwardly, and I realized that she was looking at my warm clothes. I thought about my old sweater, which was perfectly fine, other than the fact that it wasn’t quite as warm as my new one. I looked at the girl again and I knew exactly what I had to do. I stepped closer to her and unbuttoned my sweater. She looked at me curiously. “What are you doing, miss?” She asked, a puzzled look in her eye. “Here. This is for you.” I said, placing my new wool sweater in her hands. “For me?” She asked, her eyes wide. “Yes, it’s for you.” I smiled even wider, my eyes filling with tears at the sight of her happy face. “Thank you, oh, thank you!” She slid the sweater on and beamed from ear to ear as she buttoned it up. “Ohhh, it’s so warm!” She looked up at me and said, “Thank you, oh thank you so much, miss!” I grinned from ear to ear and said, “Just call me Ana. All my friends do.” And I gave her a hug. “I must be getting home now. One more thing, though. What’s your name?” I asked. “Faith.” She said, still smiling widely. “Goodbye, Faith!” I waved as I walked down the street. “Goodbye, mi- Ana!” Faith shouted after me. I wondered what Mother would say when I told her that I gave away my new sweater, but I didn’t really care. I know it’s what Jesus would have done. And I didn’t care about the party at Mercy’s house, either. I had made a new friend, and now I felt like floating.

So that’s it, guys!!! I hope you liked it! I’m sorry it’s so long. If you would like, I could continue it, but that’s up to y’all. I hope everything I said was historically accurate, I based some of it off the Samantha books sooo…. XD

Well, that’s all for now!

-The Dolls’ Mom

Christmas Time is- HERE!?!?!?~A Photostory~Plus A Quick Craft

In Lissie’s POV

It was a lovely fall morning. I was getting ready for a run. I bent down to tie my sneakers. 

I heard Bethany coming down the ladder. “Lissie, can you come help me?” She asked. “Hang on a sec.” I said, tying my last lace.

I straightened up and looked at Bethany. My mouth immediately dropped open in shock.

Bethany stood there holding a gigantic stack of Christmas decorations. She was also wearing a gingerbread dress. 

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I cried. “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Why do you have the Christmas stuff out????”

“Mami said I could. I told her I was bored so she said to decorate the house except for the top floor. She wants to decorate that floor for Thanksgiving. Say, do ya wanna help me, Lissie?” She asked eagerly.

“Well, I was going to go for a run…” I paused. “Pleeeeease?” Bethany pleaded. 

“Okay, fine.” I smiled and picked up a red garland. “Hooray!!!!” Bethany cheered.

And so, we spent our afternoon decorating the Christmas tree. (The PURPLE Christmas tree…) And we had fun! It was a real sister bonding time, if you ask me.

Then, I lifted her up and she put the angel on top.

After we were done, we sat in silence looking at the beautiful tree. “Thanks for helping me, Sis.” Bethany grinned. “No problem.” I smiled back.

Suddenly, she gasped. I looked over her shoulder and saw a bunch of presents! I guess Mami got them early! I thought. “OHHHHH!!!!” She squealed. “Time to play Guess What’s In Your Present!” I groaned.  “Well, I guess Bethany’s back to being the craziest doll in the world.” “Indeed! I think this is a Shopkins set…” Bethany said.


Now for the bonus Quick Craft!

How To Make A Doll Beanie- Requested by Kaylyn from Kaylyn’s World Blog

First, you need a sock.

Then, you are going to cut off the foot part of the sock. 

Then fit it onto your dolls’ head, and you’re done! 

Tip: I recommmend using a fuzzy sock, as they look much better than regular socks do. 😉 You could also sew on a tassel or pompom on the top of the hat. 

On a side note, I’d love to hear what color your Christmas tree is, or if yours is real! (Mine is purple, of course! And it’s not real. XD I got it from Walmart.)

-The Dolls’ Mom

DIY Request- Doll Cat Ear Headband

Hi everyone! Today I had a request from Kaylyn from Kaylyn’s World Blog to do a post on how I made Bethany’s cat ears. Here is the tutorial that I watched on YouTube for inspiration:  Well, here is my way!

All you need for the basic headband is one regular pipe cleaner and two half pipe cleaners. If you want to decorate your headband, you can hot glue on some extras once you are finished with the basic headband.

Step One: Fit your long pipe cleaner around your doll’s head to get an idea of how to shape it.

Step Two: Twist up the ends of the pipe cleaner around the bottom of the headband.

Step Three: Bend your two smaller pipe cleaners at the middle.

Step Four: Lay one of the ears on top of the headband.

Twist the ends over the body of the headband. 

Repeat on the other side, and your done! 

The only difference between the one I just made and my first one is that I took some extra pipe cleaner pieces and twisted them in between the ears. 🙂
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! That’s all for now!
~The Dolls’ Mom

Thump in the Night~Part Three~A Photostory

In Bethany’s POV

We looked at each other. We knew that voice. It was Mami.

The door to our closet-house opened, letting in light. Mami looked down at us.  “What in the world are you two doing?” She asked.

“Bethany heard a thump, and it woke her up. We both got up and figured out that it was just stuff falling off her bed. But what we are confused about is what’s going on over here.” Felicity gestured to the bed and stuff. Mami smiled. “Well, I guess it’s time for you both to learn the big news.” 

“What is it?????” I squealed in anticipation!



















“WE’RE GOING TO BE FOSTERING A DOLL!!!!!!” Mami said, excitement in her voice.

“WOW!!!! THAT’S SO AWESOME!!!!!! WHAT’S HER NAME? IS SHE NICE? DOES SHE LIKE CATS?????” I was so excited I started talking a mile a minute, and jumping up and down on my bed.

“Calm down, Bethany!” Mom scolded me. “And please stop jumping on your bed.” I slowly slid down back onto the ground.

“This is a serious matter. This girl is not a Christian, and we need to be a godly example to her. Also, she might be shy, and we don’t want to intimidate her. I think we should pray and ask God to help all three of us to be ready for this girl to be welcomed into our family.” Mami said solemnly. 

Lissie and I nodded. Then I said, “What’s she like, Mami???? I want to know everything about her!!!!” She grinned. “Well, all I can tell you is that she is 11 years old, her birthday is November 22, and so she is almost 12. Also, she loves arts and crafts and her favorite season is winter. And she loves the color purple and butterflies.” “What’s her name?” Felicity wondered, looking excited. “That’s for me to know and you to wait and see!” Mami giggled.

“What???? You’re not going to tell us????” Felicity was shocked. “Not right now, Lissie.” Mami responded sneakily. Lissie and I groaned. “Time for a little research!” I mumbled, and went to go find my iPad.
Did you like this story? It’s true, I am getting a new doll, but not for a while. Any guesses on who she is? 😁
~The Dolls’ Mom 

Summer’s End~A Photoshoot

Okay, I know it’s a little late for a summer photoshoot, but here I am, Bethany Mae Merriman, with a post-summer photoshoot!

This one is soooooo pretty. I was daydreaming. XD 

Erm… I kinda fell asleep there… XD


What is that squirrel doing?

Awesome! A hawk too! Boy, that squirrel shure got out of here fast.

Yay! A grass angel! XD


Oof. I never was that good at gymnastics… XD

Bye everyone! Comment below and tell me what pic is your favorite. 😄

Goodwill/Walmart Mini Haul

Hey y’all! Recently, I’ve collected a few cool things for the dolls. I thought I’d just do a Haul post and show you what I found.

First, from Walmart, is this blue chandelier ornament. I’m gonna hang it up in the kitchen. Isn’t it gorgeous?

From Goodwil is this cute newborn baby dress that can fit the dolls. 

The sleeves are too big, however, so I need to sew them so they better fit the dolls.

THE GRAND FINALE IS THIS AG GOTY GRACE THOMAS SHIRT!!!!! I was so excited when I found it! (It was from Goodwill.)

Well, that’s all for now!!!

~The Dolls’ Mom 😆

Thump in the Night~A Photostory~Part One

In Bethany’s POV:

I was sleeping soundly, dreaming about cupcakes and donuts and- well, you get the picture. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard, THUMP!

I shot straight up in the air, my eyes wide. I sat there for a minute, deciding what to do. Hmmm… I thought. Go get out of my comfy bed and figure out what cause the sound, or stay here under warm blankets and dream about dessert? As you might have guessed, dessert prevailed.

I had almost drifted off to sleep when “THUMP!” 

This time I was determined to get to the bottom of this. But, well, um, maybe for safety precautions, I should turn on the light…

It’s a good thing the light switch is right near my bed.

Let there be LIGHT! XDD

“Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhuuuuhhh…” Felicity groaned. “Beeeetttthhhhaaaaannnnyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!” I grinned sheepishly.

“ What in the world is going on????” She said as she slid out of bed onto the floor. 

“Well, I kinda heard a thump, and it woke me up…”

“Okay,” said Felicity, standing up. “Let’s get to the bottom of this so I can go back to sleep.”

She turned around and then yelled, “WHAAAAT?????” 

I followed her gaze, then my mouth fell open in astonishment.

HEHEHE, the infamous cliffhanger. Do you have any ideas of what’s going on? I’ll post part two ASAP. 
Your sis in Christ,


Marshmallow the Cat~A Photostory~

Bethany was out for an afternoon stroll.

She was wearing her purple velvet dress, even though Felicity had said that it would get dirty. She wasn’t going to roll in the mud or anything. 

Just then, a cat walked up to her. “OH WOW!!! AREN’T YOU GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!” Do you wanna come home with me?”

The cat jumped into Bethany’s arms. “I guess that means yes!” She grinned.

She carried the cat towards the house. “What should I name you?” Bethany wondered. “Meow?” The cat said. “THATS IT! I’LL NAME YOU MARSHMALLOW!!!!!!!!”

She triumphantly marched into the house. “Felicity, meet our new cat Marshmallow!” Declared Bethany.

“What!?!? WHERE DID YOU FIND A CAT????” Felicity exclaimed. 

“Out in the bushes! Isn’t she cute?”

“Uh….. Wait, MARSHMALLOW? You named our new cat MARSHMALLOW?”


“Of course she will!” Grinned Felicity.
The End
I hope you enjoyed! Of course I am gonna let the dolls keep Marshmallow. After all, Ginger was seeming a bit lonely now that she has her own room. 
–The Dolls’ Mom 😆


OKAY WORLD THIS IS BETHANY AND I AM SOOOOO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU THE ALL-NEW AMERICAN GIRL DOLLHOUSE!!!!! Ok, just so you get the idea of how AMAZING this is, here’s our dollhouse before.

AND HERE IT IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THREE FLOORS AND A LOFT/ATTIC!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I CAN’T! (obviously, because I’m sprawled out on the floor I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!)

I’m not gonna give you a really detailed tour, since it’s kinda still a work in progress. If you want I might do some more room tours later.

So here is the bottom floor which is storage and me and Felicity’s room.


The same old bunk bed and nightstand.

The infamous wall of posters.😆

The newly added desk, with a computer, and a shelf with Caroline’s stuff.

More storage on the other side.

The cool wooden ladder to get to the second floor. 😃


“Hey Lissie. Watcha doing?” “Just watching TV.” 

The living room!!! This room will probably undergo some revision later on, as it’s kinda crowded. 

The TV!!!! SO COOL!!!!!

A floor light.

My Paw Patrol Figure collection. 😄

The couch.

The other “rooms” on the second floor:

Ginger’s “house”,

The VERY MESSY guest bedroom. 

The closet.

The Polaroid string and junk room. 😆

The posters in the living room.

Onto the third floor!!!!!

READERS BE WARNED! What you are about to see is A WORK IN PROGRESS. It is kinda messy, and lacks furniture. 


The messy OBVIOUSLY A WORK IN PROGRESS kitchen. And dining room.

The unfinished school room.

The VERY unfinished bathroom.

To the loft!

The extremely messy loft, which some friendly bears have temporarily inhabited. XD 

And the attic, with some mysterious stuff in it. 

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this UTTERLY AMAZING FANTASTIC DOLLHOUSE TOUR!!!!!
Your sis in Christ,

-Bethany 💖